Ljubljana, After a Storm – Pic du Jour

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 91st (!) straight, was taken yesterday when I returned to Ljubljana, drenched from an afternoon storm, after a 50km bike ride. I liked the mood these late afternoon stormy colors veiled the old town center with. They certainly perked up mine.


Palm Sunday Shopping – Pic du Jour

Prepping olive branches for Palm Sunday shoppers today at the central market in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 12-Apr-2014

A winter scene in Ljubljana, Slovenia's central Prešeren Square.

Ljubljana, Slovenia | Travel & Stock Image Gallery 1

Ljubljana, Slovenia [20 images] Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia.


Abandoned: 21 Photos From Ljubljana’s Oldest Pool

This is the Kopališče Kolezija, the oldest swimming pool facility in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. Located southwest of the city center, a public pool has been in this area since at least 1879. It probably hasn’t always been this colorful, making it a fitting inauguration for a new and occasional urban …

Men's 60m hurdles final, World Indoor Championships, Istanbul, 11-Mar-2012

A Year in Photos – 2012′s Dandy Dozen

Hurdles are often used as metaphors for the obstacles life throws in our path. Few managed them as gracefully and ferociously as Aries Merritt, seen here on his way to the world indoor 60m hurdles title last March. He would later strike Olympic gold before ending his season by smashing …

Santa Claus at the National Uprising Demonstration and Protest in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Dec 2012

Santa Claus Came to Town..

.. and made his presence known! Enjoy the holiday! At the ‘National Uprising’ demonstration and protest, Ljubljana, 21-Dec-2012

National Uprising demonstration, Republic Square, Ljubljana, 21-Dec-2012

Demonstrations Continue – 46 Pics from Slovenia’s ‘National Uprising’

Slovenia’s Autumn of Discontent officially changed seasons yesterday with more demonstrations last night, the so-called National Uprising. The largest was in the capital Ljubljana where a crowd estimated at more than 10,000 gathered in the central Trg Republike, or Republic Square, near Parliament to again demand the resignation of Slovenia’s …

Ljubljana, 26-Oct-2012

Hitting a Wall

There’s 35 days until the departure date for my extended jaunt and I’ve hit a wall. That’s not a terrible thing; I enjoy the challenge of breaking through barriers. All these photos were taken on 26 October 2012 here in Ljubljana. I’m making progress on backing up and purging my …

Ljubljana's Castle Hill at night

Ljubljana Nightscapes, Part IV

These were taken last night in Ljubljana’s old town center while I was out listening to some friends playing some music. As always, fairly festive. I wasn’t carrying a tripod or shutter release cable so both exposures were limited to 30-seconds, top at f11 and bottom at f9. To help …