Ljubljana Central Market, July 2014

Ljubljana Central Market II

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 181st straight (!), was shot after hours this afternoon at Ljubljana’s Central Market where I still proudly rule as Mayor. On Foursquare, that is. I’ve curtailed my visits back from six per week lately but still maintain a market-related photo album on Google+ when I’m …

View of northern Ljubljana from castle hill towards the Kamnik Alps

Ljubljana, in Eight Grainy Photos

On Friday I reported from Ljubljana’s War-Free Zone that I recently shot my second roll of film in two months –and the second in ten-plus years. Here are the highlights from the rest of the roll which turned out to be an impromptu if unconventional tour of the Slovenian capital …

Monkey and Dancer, Tomšič Street, Ljubljana, 13 Jun 2014, 5:16 pm

Ljubljana, 5pm to 6

Today’s Pics du Jour are the fourth selection for the 1 Day 1 World Project started by Lisa who blogs at Northwest Frame of Mind. The idea is to represent a ‘typical’ hour each week from where you happen to be until the 24-hour cycle is completed in October; this …

War-Free Zone, Ljubljana, May 2014

War-Free Zone, Ljubljana

On Stari Trg street, Ljubljana old town center, May 2013. Today’s Pic du Jour, the 152nd (!) straight, was shot on film, more specifically Kodak 400TX with a Soviet-made Zenit EM. It’s from the second roll I’ve shot in 123 months – here are the highlights from the first, shot …

Rain clouds at Ljubljana train station

Rainclouds, Ljubljana Train Station (Pic du Jour)

More specifically Ljubljana’s Train Station at 4:54pm on Wednesday, 04-June. Today’s Pic du Jour is the third selection for the 1 Day 1 World Project started by Lisa who blogs at Northwest Frame of Mind. The idea is to represent a ‘typical’ hour each week from where you happen to …

On the bus in Ljubljana

On the Bus III

I enjoy snapping people through bus windows. I’ve been on the other end of the lens plenty of times, so I know I’m not the only one. One of my favorites is this one taken seven years and a few weeks ago in Belgrade. The tone is different in today’s …


Jef Aerosol in Ljubljana (& I’m on Instagram)

I need another social network account like I need another hole in my head. Which is why I signed on to Instagram last week. To be sure, there’s lots of noise produced by Instagram’s estimated 200 million active users, but there’s also lots of fantastic work to be found, too. …

Visitors praying at Ljubljana Cathedral, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana Cathedral, 3:32 pm, Thursday, 29-May

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 137th (!) straight, was taken this afternoon at Ljubljana’s Cathedral which in its current form dates back to 1701. I ducked inside as a tour group of some 20 people filed out, curious to see how many visitors come to worship in the middle of …

Jadranska Cesta 1, Ljubljana 24-Apr-2014

The Street Crawl Daily Dozen: an Introduction

Today’s Pics du Jour inaugurate another (near) daily photo project hereby dubbed the Street Crawl Daily Dozen, a selection of mobile snaps shot and collected in and around Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital.

Celovska Street

After 122 Months, a Return to Film

This wall is near the Cobbler’s Bridge in Ljubljana’s old town center, the first picture I shot on film in ten years and two months. I intend to make many more. This journey ‘back’ began innocently last fall when on a whim at a flea market I dropped €22 on …