Pomegranate juice stand in Istanbul

Pomegranate Shopping, Istanbul

Zen and the Art of Pomegranate Peeling

Mannequins, Istanbul

Mannequin Monday 7

This week Mannequin Monday moves from the Americas to Istanbul, where Europe and Asia meet, and home to the store front where subjects of primitive brain implant experimentation apparently wind up. If you’re new to this weekly series, you can and should catch up here. Enjoy! Istanbul, Turkey, 14-Mar-2012

Istanbul 201

The Tobacco Seller of Istanbul (Pic du Jour)

Near the Galata Bridge, on the Eminönü side, Istanbul.  


From the Streets of Istanbul (Tune du Jour)

Absolutely beautiful. Pots and pans and some spoons, knives and glasses, too. I wish I was there.

Recuerdo Profundo by Jimenez Deredia

Circles, in the Round

In her travel theme this week, Ailsa asked for circles. Who am I to say no? I threw in a few orbs and spheres, too, beginning with Jimenez Deredia’s phenomenal chocolatey sculpture, Recuerdo Profundo, which I was fortunate enough to see near the Colosseum in Rome in July 2009. A …


Delicious, with a big pinch of salt

Jake’s Sunday post challenge suggestion this week is delicious. That was easy to find because it was one of the few pics in my flickr stream tagged with the word. I thoroughly enjoyed this last March at a restaurant in Istanbul – sole baked in salt. Succulent, perfectly cooked, with …


#FriFotos: For Sale – Encounters with Commerce

I haven’t been around here much for the past week, which is more or less par for the course during the hazy summer months. Missed me? ‘For Sale‘ is this week’s #FriFotos theme on twitter, affording this quick glance back into when my camera met commerce head-on in various parts …


Shoes ( #Frifotos )

I’m the most utilitarian shopper and consumer when it comes to shoes. But these, resting peacefully in a large crate in a small bazaar near the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, I found oddly appealing.


30 Minutes in Istanbul’s Spice Market

The Love Tea immediately caught my eye. Can’t hurt, right? Unfortunately the 250g I bought was left in a bag in my hotel room. And so it goes. I can only hope the next occupant made use of it as it was meant to be used. This, and the pics …