Sidewalk breakfast, Hanoi, Vietnam

Breakfast With a Smile, Hanoi

The vivid memory of this woman’s smile greeted me when I woke up this morning. I have no idea what provoked it but I didn’t fight it. There are worse images that can clutter a mind when one starts the day. The recollection left me no choice but to hunt …

Pineapple vendor Hanoi

Pic du Jour: Pineapple Vendor, Hanoi

Today’s Pic du Jour –the 75th(!) straight since this project was re-inaugurated– features a woman prepping for her morning pineapple sales route, snapped just a few minutes before she sold me my breakfast baggie. This is for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge which asked for illustrations of Street Life. In …

Morning sword exercise, Hanoi

6:30 a.m. Sword Dance, Hanoi (Pic du Jour)

Morning sword dance exercise near Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam. 22 Oct 2010

Fruit vendor in Hanoi, 23-Oct-2010

Street Vendor, Hanoi (Pic du Jour)

A fruit and vegetable vendor in Hanoi, soon after she set up shop and just before she sold me a pineapple. Peeled and sliced to order. Hanoi, Vietnam, 23-October-2010


Agent Orange’s Golden Anniversary, Revisited

That unfortunate anniversary actually came two years ago this month, but I trust you’ll allow me the indulgence of reblogging this to coincide with Agent Orange Awareness Month. It’s a post about my October 2010 visit to the Thanhxuan Peace Village, or Lang Hoa Binh Than Xuan, an orphanage, school …

Recuerdo Profundo by Jimenez Deredia

Circles, in the Round

In her travel theme this week, Ailsa asked for circles. Who am I to say no? I threw in a few orbs and spheres, too, beginning with Jimenez Deredia’s phenomenal chocolatey sculpture, Recuerdo Profundo, which I was fortunate enough to see near the Colosseum in Rome in July 2009. A …


Jarai Arap Grave House (Piran Café Post #800)

How to celebrate 800 posts? “Pictures of large wooden penises,” was the suggestion. “Lots of them.”


Agent Orange’s Golden Anniversary

These are a few shots I took exactly one year ago today at the Thanhxuan Peace Village, or Lang Hoa Binh Than Xuan, an orphanage, school and clinic in Hanoi set up specifically for victims of Agent Orange. It was also the last time I sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star …


Scooters of Hanoi

More photo organizing from last October’s Vietnam trip. There are just over 6 million people in Hanoi and about 4.5 million motorbikes. I didn’t count, but there are probably several 100 of each in the short slide show below. And there’s even a really groovy soundtrack. The Song: Test Drive …