The village cemetery in Puerto Rio Tranquilo in Chilean Patagonia, along the shore of Lago General Carrera

The World’s Most Beautiful Cemeteries – Puerto Rio Tranquilo, Chile: A Tour in 22 Photos

To most who pass through, Puerto Rio Tranquilo, or simply Puerto Tranquilo, is little more than a necessary pit stop on the Carretera Austral, the highway through southern Chile that traverses 1,200 kilometers of Patagonia. If it’s known for anything, it’s for the easy access it offers to the Capillas …

Water Spigot, Prem Cemetery Slovenia

Prem Cemetery I

I spent most of the day in Slovenia’s southwestern Brkini hills, visiting with family, scoping out potential tent sites at the soon-to-be Camp Bob, and enjoying a couple hours at a party where I limited myself to samplings of three homemade brandies —plum, apple and pear.  The Brkini hills are …


30 Seconds in the La Recoleta Rain (Video)

I posted a 32-photo gallery and notebook yesterday about the La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Here’s a brief video shot during a rainy interlude during my visit, edited down to about 30 seconds. Just a little mental health break. Enjoy!


The World’s Most Beautiful Cemeteries – La Recoleta, Buenos Aires: A Tour in 32 Photos

Last year a CNN correspondent listed la Recoleta among the world’s 10 most beautiful cemeteries. As pomposity, style and grandeur go, the final resting place for many of Argentina’s most rich and powerful who passed on over the past two centuries is difficult to beat. And it is also beautiful. …


At La Recoleta Cemetery, Part II

I posted a photo from La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires once before –and am working on a longer post culled from my manuscript research– but want to post this one now, fitting as it is for eerie, the theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. Cemeteries are a joy …

At Recoleta cemetery, Buenos Aires

At La Recoleta Cemetery – Pic du Jour

La Recoleta, one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world, is a great place for a stroll during and after a rain. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 23-Jan-2013 Related articles Porteños of the Past: Recoleta


Today.. the topic for this week’s WordPress photo theme. Today was a day off so my theme was rest and relaxation.The lone exception was a two-hour bike ride in late afternoon when I pondered Vagabonding, a book I reread today, and when I crossed paths with these dudes at Ljubljana’s …


Cemeteries – LJ Pic of the Day

There was no name, no dates, no words on this headstone. Just this photo in a weathered and cracked frame.