Performers outside of Blue Arc Stadium in Daegu, South Korea

Daegu Smiles

Performers gather just prior to a ceremony outside of Blue Arc Stadium in Daegu, South Korea. Smiles and peace signs were standard reactions among teenagers and young people as their picture was about to be taken.

From 'The Cube', a sound installation by Jun-Seub Sim

120 Seconds in Sim Jun-Seub’s Cube

Here’s your two minutes of Zen for today which reminded me of the 1980s band The Art of Noise. Not their music so much, but just the name. That’s all. This is from The Cube, a sound installation by Jun-Seub Sim which I experienced at the Bongsan Cultural Center in …

Daegu 027

Jumb – Pic du Jour

When a Jumbo Roll is simply too much. Men’s room, Bongsan Cultural Center, Daegu, South Korea. It isn’t quite Chinglish.


Daegu Notebook

I never got around to posting these few video bits pieced together over my two weeks spent in Daegu last summer. The initial plan was to write up a mildly sardonic but woefully accurate outline of what two busy work weeks are like on the road – mainly for the …



I got an idea. It may not be a great one, but it isn’t bad. Daegu 01, originally uploaded by pirano.