Wouldn't it be nice if Greyhounds were decorated like this?

Going Trans-America, Almost

Portland, Ore., USA – I’ve taken quite a few long bus rides over the past several months: Bariloche to Mendoza, Argentina, 19 hours; Cusco to Lima, Peru, 22 hours; another handful that lasted 14-18 hours; more than I care to count in the eight to 12 hour range. I’ve gotten …

Near the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, 27-Mar-2013

Six Months in, a Change in Plan

I’m writing this in San Jose, Costa Rica, exactly where I had planned to be on the six-month anniversary of this Around the World trip. The time spent here however turned out to be a little different than what I anticipated. Instead of winding down a month-long visit with close …

San Blas 004

Molas, One Tree Islands, and Leaving South America Behind – RTW Week #21

Panama City, Panama – These last seven days, the 21st week into my Round the World jaunt, witnessed a pair of milestones: the first, saying goodbye to South America after 142 days (and 7,754 kilometers, or 4,818 miles), and the second, sailing on the open sea for the first time. …

Cartagena 018

Medellin, Cartagena and a Bout of Travel Fatigue – RTW Week #20

Cartagena, Colombia –The Hotel Stil is an eleven-story relic of the late nineteen-sixties or seventies that isn’t good at wearing its age. Everything about it is weathered. Humidity hangs in the foyers like an old wet blanket on a forgotten clothes line. The two narrow elevators rattle as they shake. …

Cartagena, looking north towards the Caribbean

End of the South American Line – Postcard from Cartagena

Cartagena, Colombia – After a fourteen-and-a-half hour bus ride from Medellin, I arrived in Cartagena this morning, the northernmost point I plan to reach on the South American continent. The snap above, taken from the top floor of my hotel, was my first view of the Caribbean since 1999. The …

Botero’s Mujer con fruta in Botero Plaza, Medellin

Hummingbird Farms, Grass Pyramids and Botero Plaza – RTW Week #19

Medellin, Colombia – This past week, the 19th into my RTW trip, began in the Zen surroundings of a hummingbird and butterfly farm in the mountains outside of Quito and ended at Botero Plaza in the loud and busy heart of central Medellin. In between, I spent about 37 hours …


Bootleg Barbies, an Inauguration, a March Against Monsanto and the Coolest Floor in the World – RTW Week #18

Quito, Ecuador – If there’s been one constant on my extended jaunt around the world, it’s been this: I’m finding myself easily distracted. As travel goes, that’s hardly a terrible thing. My curiosity is pulling me in various directions, tossing me into a multitude of tangents. I’m rekindling old passions …


‘Around the World’, at 120 Days

Today, 21 May 2013, marks 120 days since I began this Around The World Trip, exactly four months to the day, and the first day of the 18th week. It’s been an amazing ride. And in many ways, it’s only just begun. To mark the occasion I put together this …


Cusco, Aguas Calientes, Lima and the First 100 Days – A Week in the Life of my RTW

Lima – Last Wednesday, May Day, unceremoniously marked Day No. 100 of my Around the World Trip. I devoted about five minutes of my typically deliberate breakfast time to scribbling notes about the milestone in my journal, but found myself stuck after variations of only two prevailing themes emerged: the …


Travelin’ Shoes..

..taking a brief break today on the 12-week anniversary of my around-the-world trip.