2013-11-26 protest 5

Bringing Attention to Heavy Metal Poisoning in Slovenia

Six snaps from a small rally in front of Slovenia’s national parliament building today to bring attention to the dangerous levels of heavy metal poisoning in the country’s cities and towns.

Ljubljana Book Fair 2013

21 Snaps from the 29th Slovenian Book Fair

For the book curious among you, and for a quick peek at some of the titles Slovenians are being tempted to buy these days, a few dozen snaps from the 29th Slovenian Book Fair.

Azram’s Blue Fish

Azram’s Blue Fish – LJ Pic of the Day

Fukushima bluefin tuna is everywhere. Even in central European railroad underpasses.

Gradisce Street, Ljubljana

My Favorite Street in Ljubljana – LJ Pic of the Day

One of them anyway. It’s definitely on the short list.


Fight Your Idols – LJ Pic of the Day

That’s the name of this piece by Slovenian artist Matej Jarc, currently on display as part of the 4th Independent Biennial, or Bienale neodvisnih, whose mission is to promote independent Slovenian illustration.

Ljubljana 0638

Lion in Wait – LJ Pic of the Day

Today’s daily pic from the Slovenian capital –the 12th straight!– is of a lion I spotted on my way to a bakery this morning, who was trying to hide behind a layer of wayward vines and the shield of a light drizzle.

Ljubljana 0637

Still Life With Tony Curtis and Whipped Cream – LJ Pic du Jour

Today’s Ljubljana’s daily pic is this still life snapped last night at Kino Komuna, or the Komuna Theater, just before the screening of the German indie film, Lose Your Head. Trust me, Humphrey Bogart and Tony Curtis look very Slovenian here.


Caligula in Ljubljana – LJ Pic of the Day

Today’s pic of the day –the tenth (!) straight in the project’s latest run– is quite likely the goriest poster you’ll find in the Slovenian capital these days: this one announcing the Slovenian National Theater’s upcoming production of Albert Camus’ Caligula. The ketchup-covered ruler? Noted Slovenian actor Marko Mandić. Poster …


Audrey Hepburn in Ljubljana – LJ Pic of the Day

Audrey Hepburn in Ljubljana. In vistavizn no less. pic.twitter.com/3pi7jYUbvF — Bob Ramsak (@pirancafe) November 7, 2013   Cool spelling of the names, no? This ninth straight Ljubljana Pic of the Day is a display at Kinodvor, one of the city’s ‘art house’ theaters, which this year is celebrating its 90th …


Sea for the Poor – LJ Pic of the Day

That’s what’s been scribbled at one end of this abandoned water polo pool in Ljubljana’s Vič district. This park is only a few blocks from my new apartment, but I only discovered it today. I enjoy old abandoned places like this. I’ll probably stop back over the weekend when I …