Sunset near Kavarna, Bulgaria

Kavarna Sunset, and Snapwire

I should be more specific. Here in Slovenia, a kavarna is a café. This fiery orange scene was snapped back in October 2012 just outside of the city of Kavarna, a town on the Black Sea coast in northeastern Bulgaria. There was no coffee house in the immediate vicinity. I’ve …

View of northern Ljubljana from castle hill towards the Kamnik Alps

Ljubljana, in Eight Grainy Photos

On Friday I reported from Ljubljana’s War-Free Zone that I recently shot my second roll of film in two months –and the second in ten-plus years. Here are the highlights from the rest of the roll which turned out to be an impromptu if unconventional tour of the Slovenian capital …

Jadranska Cesta 1, Ljubljana 24-Apr-2014

The Street Crawl Daily Dozen: an Introduction

Today’s Pics du Jour inaugurate another (near) daily photo project hereby dubbed the Street Crawl Daily Dozen, a selection of mobile snaps shot and collected in and around Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital.

Celovska Street

After 122 Months, a Return to Film

This wall is near the Cobbler’s Bridge in Ljubljana’s old town center, the first picture I shot on film in ten years and two months. I intend to make many more. This journey ‘back’ began innocently last fall when on a whim at a flea market I dropped €22 on …

Abandoned Ljubljana Pool 01

Abandoned: 21 Photos From Ljubljana’s Oldest Pool

This is the Kopališče Kolezija, the oldest swimming pool facility in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. Located southwest of the city center, a public pool has been in this area since at least 1879. It probably hasn’t always been this colorful, making it a fitting inauguration for a new and occasional urban …


The World’s Most Beautiful Cemeteries – La Recoleta, Buenos Aires: A Tour in 32 Photos

Last year a CNN correspondent listed la Recoleta among the world’s 10 most beautiful cemeteries. As pomposity, style and grandeur go, the final resting place for many of Argentina’s most rich and powerful who passed on over the past two centuries is difficult to beat. And it is also beautiful. …

Off Season Kavarna, Bulgaria

Off-Season, Kavarna, Bulgaria (Pic du Jour)

Previous posts from this Black Sea coast resort town. 06-Oct-2012

Nap time on the Malecon 2000 in Guayaquil

Daysleeper, Guayaquil (Pic du Jour)

Nap time at the info stand on the Malecon 2000 (boardwalk) in Guayaquil, Ecuador. As my website switch ambles on at a snail’s pace, I’m beginning to feel her pain. 14-May-2013

Istanbul 201

The Tobacco Seller of Istanbul (Pic du Jour)

Near the Galata Bridge, on the Eminönü side, Istanbul.  

Main station, Pardubice Czech Republic

Pardubice Station (Pic du Jour)

One of the coolest clock/mural combos in the world.