In the Kawangware slum, Nairobi

Kawangware Revisited II (Pic du Jour)

From the archives, a nominee for best smiles of 2007


Kawangware Revisited

I was looking for a photo for today’s #SunsetSunday on twitter and remembered this scene at an informal trash dump in the Kawangware slum, or Estate, in Nairobi. Kawangware was then the second largest urban slum in the Kenyan capital which by default makes it one of the largest in …


Kenge Kenge’s Obama For Change

Via World Music Network comes this song by Kenyan band Kenge Kenge, their humble tribute to Kenya’s current favorite son of the diaspora. Song in both Luo and English, the music features the oruto, a single-stringed fiddle. Whether the lyrics do anything for you or not, it is undeniably mesmerizingly …


Gadling Photo of the Day!

This pic I took of a humble butcher shop in Voi, Kenya, last week was selected as Gadling’s photo of the day yesterday, almost exactly two months to the day since this pic of Slovenia’s Lake Bohinj was picked. Excellent, thanks! Am already looking forward to June! Voi was the first …



On Sunday I visited Kawangware, one of the biggest slums in Nairobi. By most estimates, about half a million people live in this densely populated area of a few square miles, but no one seems to have an exact figure, and officials don’t really seem to care enough to even …


Mombasa to Nairobi by Bus

Nairobi — I asked several people what I thought would be a relatively straighforward question: Approximately how long is the 460 km bus journey from Mombasa to Nairobi? The answers I got varied wildly, from five to six hours, to six or seven, and even seven to eight. Today it …


Jesus has a fort…

… and it’s here in Mombasa. Construction of the massive structure –named Fort Jesus– was begun by the Portuguese in 1593 following the design of an Italian architect, it’s built in the shape of a human figure, and Jesus apparently did little to protect the Portuguese invaders as they tried to …



Mombasa, Kenya – I’m still being held captive by work here in this heavily-guarded resort for a few more days, so thought I’d post a few pics of some others with whom I’m sharing my captivity. The first is one of an extended family of monkeys that freely roam this …


30 Second Third World National Police Escort Advisor

Mombasa, Kenya – If you’ve never been in a car, bus or van that’s had the privilege of having a national police escort in a third world country, here are a few survival tips to take to heart: You have to give credit where it’s due, and these guys know …