Mannequin and hair salon, Stockholm

Mannequin Monday #15

Admit it. You didn’t think Mannequin Monday would reach a 15th edition, did you.

Mannequin, Stockholm

Mannequin Monday 8

Mannequin Monday heads to northern Europe this week and lands in Stockholm, Sweden’s Old Town, or Gamla Stan, where I spotted this hipster, a reminder of how brutal Scandinavian winters can be. Summers, too, apparently. If you’re new to this weekly series, you can and should catch up here. Enjoy …

Street performer in Stockholm

The Sad Angel of Stockholm – Pic du Jour

Apparently,angels can be sad, too. Stockholm, 06-Aug-2010

Raoul Wallenberg Memorial, Stockholm, August 2012

Happy Birthday, Raoul Wallenberg

Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish architect and diplomat who helped rescue tens of thousands of Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary during World War II, would have been 101 today. Some are taken from us much too soon. Wallenbery was just 34 when he disappeared and was later reported to have died in …

Muscular man petting boat. Door of the Handelsbanken, Stockholm, 16-Aug-2012

Seven Snaps from Stockholm: An Exercise in Speed, Pt II

Like this quickie from Brussels a few months ago, this post about another European capital was, from start to finish, an exercise in speed. And again with my upcoming 14-month trip* in mind. The working plan will be to post something daily, which oftentimes will require an extremely quick turnaround, …

Non Violence, 1997, by Carl Fredrik Reutersward, Olympic Museum Park, Lausanne, 31-Aug-2008


More sad but tragically uncommon news from the U.S. yesterday; this time 20 elementary school children were among the murdered. Most stunning to me is that I’m not more stunned. This is Non Violence, a 1997 sculpture by Carl Fredrik Reutersward at the Olympic Museum Park in Lausanne. I first …

Evert Taube statue, Stockholm

Discovering Evert Taube

I had no idea who Evert Taube was when I discovered this statue in the smallish Järntorget square in Stockholm’s Gamla stan, or old town. Local musician or composer was my guess – he’s holding sheet music, is draped in a coat-as-cape and confidently lifting his sunglasses towards his beret. …