Still life with Tito and JKF

Still Life With Tito and JFK, and a Balkan Conspiracy Theory – Pic du Jour

I just finishing chimping this shot when the owner of the small stall, made up mostly of used books and cheap trinkets, approached. He asked what I was taking the picture for. “Just for me. I liked the composition, Kennedy there and Tito there.” “Of course you know he was …

Iski Vintgar 01

13 images from Slovenia’s Iška River Gorge

Here are 13 images from Iški vintgar, or the Iška River Gorge, which is located about 21 kilometers south of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. Set near the southeastern corner of the Ljubljana Moors, Europe’s southernmost wetlands, the gorge is a popular summertime weekend retreat for Ljubljana-ites yet it generally remains quiet …

Ljubjanica River after a late afternoon storm

Ljubljana, After a Storm – Pic du Jour

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 91st (!) straight, was taken yesterday when I returned to Ljubljana, drenched from an afternoon storm, after a 50km bike ride. I liked the mood these late afternoon stormy colors veiled the old town center with. They certainly perked up mine.

Prepping olive branches for Palm Sunday at the central market in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Palm Sunday Shopping – Pic du Jour

Prepping olive branches for Palm Sunday shoppers today at the central market in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 12-Apr-2014

A winter scene in Ljubljana, Slovenia's central Prešeren Square.

Ljubljana, Slovenia | Travel & Stock Image Gallery 1

Ljubljana, Slovenia [20 images] Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia.

Bollywood in Ljubljana

Bollywood in Ljubljana – Pic du Jour

A Bollywood production crew is in town for six days shooting music scenes for an upcoming production. Here’s one of the dancers freshening up between takes late this morning at Ljubljana’s central Preseren Square. Sorry, I didn’t get his name. Related articles Seven Snaps Between Storms in Ljubljana’s Old Town …

MSUM - Slovenia's Museum of Contemporary Art in Ljubljana

Ljubljana’s Museum of Contemporary Art – 2014 Schedule

Today’s Pic du Jour was actually snapped today, and serves a practical purpose, too: presenting the 2014 exhibit schedule for my favorite museum in Ljubljana, the Museum of Contemporary Art. So if you’re planning to be in town this year, you have no excuse.

Abandoned Ljubljana Pool 01

Abandoned: 21 Photos From Ljubljana’s Oldest Pool

This is the Kopališče Kolezija, the oldest swimming pool facility in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. Located southwest of the city center, a public pool has been in this area since at least 1879. It probably hasn’t always been this colorful, making it a fitting inauguration for a new and occasional urban …

collecta 2

Flash Gallery: 34 Pics From the 2014 Collecta Fair in Ljubljana

Here’s another Flash Gallery, this time from today’s opening day of the 2014 Collecta Collectors Fair in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Seriously – what Kiss fan wouldn’t want this limited edition Pez dispenser quartet? The fair, this year celebrating its eight edition, features all the usual suspects in the world of collecting …


The Three Most Haunting Cherubs You Haven’t Yet Seen Today

That’s how a friend described these perky wooden statuettes when I showed them to her but I don’t agree. I find them irresistibly photogenic, screaming to tell a story. They’d likely have interesting tales to tell. These wooden cherubs are just three of several dozens that protrude from the altar …