Cart skater, Novi Trg Square, Ljubljana

1 Day 1 World Project: Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2:31 pm Sunday, 18-May

Each Sunday Ljubljana hosts a flea market along the Ljubljanica River on the southern fringes of old town. I was hoping to catch the tail end and check out the old camera offerings but arrived too late. Instead I found all the vendors shutting down and packing up, this gentleman …

Poljanska Street, Ljubljana

Ljubljana Street Crawl Daily: The Finale

The Street Crawl Daily, a ten-day mobile phone speed-shooting project on the streets of Ljubljana, Slovenia, concludes with this dandy dozen, nearly half of which were shot from a moving bike, like the one above. Never mind that I temporarily turned into (nearly) everything I hate most about mobile phone …

Biting dog, near Koseze Pond Ljubljana

Ljubljana Street Crawl Project – Day 9

This is Koseze pond near the western edge of Ljubljana, my favorite shot from the penultimate day of the Street Crawl Daily project [intro here]. It’s among my favorite parts of the city near where town meets country on one side and its sprawling Tivoli-Rožnik Hill–Šiška Hill Regional Park on the …

Flower vendor, Copova Street, Ljubljana

Street Crawl Daily – Midway Point

The Street Crawl Daily reached its midpoint today; the mix of rain and ominous afternoon clouds coupled with streets largely emptied due to the upcoming holidays, made it a good day for shooting. (And plenty of catch up editing this morning.) My personal pick of the pack is the shot …

Crosswalk I - Ljubljana 23-Apr-2014

Crosswalk I. (Pic du Jour)

Crosswalk I. Ljubljana, Slovenia, 23-Apr-2014

Defrage saleswoman

Peacocks at the State Attorney’s Office – Pic du Jour (and Daily Gallery)

I spotted these two peacocks on the stoop at Slovenia’s State Attorney’s Office this afternoon. Zoo escape? Easter Monday tradition? To get your fill, four more images below.

20140419_133400 - Ljubljana, 19-Apr-2014


The only selfie project you’re likely to find here this month. Technically, these aren’t all shelves. A few are windowsills. Sue me.


In Slovenia, Protest Over Proposed Higher Education Reform Law – A Dozen Photos

An estimated 2,000 people gathered in Kongresni Trg square in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana on Wednesday to protest a proposed sweeping higher education reform law. The law, known as ZViS, would introduce tuition fees for the first time, essentially ending free universal higher education. Here are a dozen photos.

Ljubjanica River after a late afternoon storm

Ljubljana, After a Storm – Pic du Jour

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 91st (!) straight, was taken yesterday when I returned to Ljubljana, drenched from an afternoon storm, after a 50km bike ride. I liked the mood these late afternoon stormy colors veiled the old town center with. They certainly perked up mine.