La Condamine, Monaco, 02-Oct-2012

La Condamine, Monaco (Pic de Jour)

Progress! I made some headway on packing today. It’s amazing how productive I can be when I ban myself from my computer for a few hours. But to sidestep withdrawal I did set aside about a half hour to go through a few small batches of photos. This is from …

Palace Guard, Monaco, 02-Oct-2012

Palace Guard, Monaco (Pic de Jour)

All work and no play again today in Monaco, but I did manage about a half hour up on the Rock before the sun went down. This is one of Albert’s Palace Guards, whose job it is to keep people like me out. I also did pay a quick visit …

Maryse au Miroir ou le Temps Inalterable, Monaco

A Favorite Place, in Monaco (Pic de Jour)

It’s perversely early. It’s barely 6 a.m. as I’m typing this and I’ve already been up for more than two hours, needing to catch a 04:55 ride to the airport for a 06:50 flight. (Yes, that’s an early arrival to the airport for a flight out of Ljubljana, but I …


How Fire was Discovered

Here’s one theory. This is an 18-second look at Matter into Light: The Discovery of Fire, a 2011 installation by Marc Quinn at the Musée Océanographique de Monaco through October 15. It’s part of a larger exhibit of Quinn’s work entitled The Littoral Zone, a fun dialogue between science and …


Chanson pour Adam et Eve (Monaco Notebook III)

It was a simple plan: a quick stroll behind the Grand Casino Monte Carlo to snap a few photos of Botero‘s Adam and Eve, a sculpture with one of the Principality’s better southern facing views towards the Mediterranean. I wanted to use my GoPro to see how its extra wide …


Pic du jour – Monaco and Troubles of the Heart

One is never too far away from a defibrillator in the Principality. Monaco, 22-Jul-2012


Congratulations, Minister N’Dour

This news planted a big smile on my face this morning. Youssou N’Dour, a man who helped expose me to some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard, has been named the Culture and Tourism minister in Senegal’s new government. N’Dour, a Grammy-award winner and one of Africa’s most …


Vidblog for June/July 2011

Since August has almost wound down and I’ll be away for most of the next three weeks, there’s no time like the present for my second vidblog, combining bit and pieces from June and July 2011. Shots taken in Rabat, Morocco; Lille, France; Menton, France; Sarajevo; Monaco; in and around …


Monaco notebook.

I’ve visited Monaco in every season, and have to report that winters, even mild ones, are a fairly shitty time to visit. Especially when it’s raining. Unless you’re insanely wealthy or overwhelmed by the desire to throw money away, there’s surprisingly little of interest to do in Monte Carlo. But if …


The carnival’s in town.

MONACO — Sprawled alongside the main harbor here this weekend, home to some of the world’s most extravagant yachts and in the shadow of Prince Albert’s palace, was this very ordinary carnival, enjoyed by very ordinary people. Just across the street is an ordinary chain grocery store where one could buy an extraordinary 1983 Petrus magnum for 4000 euros.  Anyway, …