Happy Birthday Robert Burns

Robert Burns would have been 254 today. Some are taken from us much too soon. This was taken last summer during the Olympic Games in London. The red flower? I’m not absolutely sure, but I think it was the work of this Brazilian art project, Rio Occupation London, who were …

London, 02-Aug-2012

Desire (Pic du Jour)

Today’s pic is another gopro still from my London 2012 pile, this time of a translation of Abdourahman A. Waberi‘s poem, Desire. Desire is the best description of that ‘swaying between here and elsewhere’ that I’ve ever read. This was mounted on a fence along the Thames not far from …

Leicester Square, 07-Aug-2012

Tired? Or bored? Street Stills with a GoPro (Pic du Jour)

So which is it? Sleepy? Or just bored with handing out leaflets for a London theatre? This was taken near Leicester Square on a rare afternoon off while I was in London covering the Olympics in August. I thought I’d experiment a bit with how my GoPro Hero2 could be …


Bridges, a Rainbow and St. Paul’s

Bridges is this week’s #frifotos theme on twitter; I was stuck indoors all day yesterday working in a hotel in Brussels which allowed no time for bridge hunting in the Belgian capital. So instead here’s another shot from a visit to London last month, a view towards St. Paul’s Cathedral …


Reflections on Trains

Jake‘s weekly email, this time on the topic of reflection, was the perfect prompt to break out, albeit briefly, from an 18-day postless stretch. Did y’all miss me? I’m slowly working my way through a small pile of photos taken last month in London during the Olympic Games, and from …


Jessica Ennis’s Coronation – London Notebook II

London, UK – Vultures.  This is Great Britain’s Jessica Ennis just a few steps beyond the finish line of the 800 meters after she clinched the gold medal in the heptathlon last night. For anyone who had the good fortune to witness Great Britain’s ‘Super Saturday’ in track and field …


London Notebook – Video of Arrest Near the London Eye

This is two minutes of footage of an arrest I witnessed yesterday (2 Aug) evening in front of the Sea Life Museum, near the London Eye along the Thames. The man, who was bleeding from the mouth, was charged with illegal street trading and was being restrained until police arrived. …

London 009

Postcard from London

I arrived in London early this morning for my third working Olympics. Here’s a quick snap of this evening’s full moon over Tower Bridge. I’ll try to time it better tomorrow night, if I have the time. I already know that I won’t have much time, if any, to blog …


RyanAir finally lands in Slovenia.

As of Thursday 7 June, that is, with the long-anticipated service between Maribor (MBX), Slovenia’s second city, and London-Stansted (STN). Three flights weekly – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I’m not a huge fan of RyanAir (although their flights can be memorable), but must concede that both cost and convenience may …