13 Photos From Recent Floods in Planina, Slovenia

This is currently the end of the road where the village of Planina and Planinsko polje, the plain that bears its name, converge. If you weren’t familiar with the area, you’d think you were standing at the edge of small boat launch on the shore of calm lake. The plain, …

Laguna Torre, Glaciares National Park, Argentin

Patagonia’s Laguna Torre and Glaciar Grande – A Seven Image Gallery

Wrapping up this three-post series on a pair of day hikes from El Chalten, Argentina, is this mini-gallery of the Glaciar Grande and the lake it overlooks, Laguna Torre. Even shrouded in clouds the scene does an admirable job advertising this corner of Los Glaciares National Park as the hiker …


On the Path to Zero Waste

That was the title of a roundtable discussion last night at Ljubljana’s Kino Šiška following the second of two screenings of Trashed, a 2012 documentary that examines and exposes the risks waste poses to the environment and food chain through air, land and sea pollution. (More on the film later.) Among …


Break-in at Greenpeace Office in Murmansk?

No, this definitely isn’t Pussy Riot. In another tweet, Greenpeace said that a mock cage to be used in a protest today was missing this morning.


Who are the Arctic 30?

Who are the Arctic 30? The Guardian profiles the 30 men and women from the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise who have been held under arrest by Russian authorities since the group’s attempted protest on a Russian oil rig on September 18. The 30, 28 Greenpeace activists and two journalists, are …

At a rally in Ljubljana, Slovenia, calling for the release of Greenpeace activists currently detained in Russia. 05-Oct-2013

Vigil in Ljubljana for Greenpeace Activists Jailed in Russia

Here are half a dozen photos and a short video piece from today’s vigil and rally in Ljubljana, Slovenia, demanding the release of the so-called Arctic 30, 28 Greenpeace activists and two journalists, who been detained by Russian authorities for the past 17 days. The gathering in the Slovenian capital …


International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

Did you know that today is the 20th International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer? Until a few days ago, I didn’t either. Neither do most of the world’s English-language media outlets. As of noon CEST, less than a dozen mentions of the UN observance appear in a …


Andes’ Tropical Glaciers Going Fast

Another reason to visit as many Andean glaciers as possible. From ‘Andes’ Tropical Glaciers Going Fast’ in Climate Central: The glaciers of the tropical Andes have shrunk by between 30 and 50 percent in 30 years and many will soon disappear altogether, cutting off the summer water supply for millions of …


Drawings from UN Desertification Exhibit in Daegu (repost)

I was talking last night about the near-total disaster of the recent Rio+20 conference which compelled me bring forward this post from last October for the benefit of anyone who might have missed it. It’s truly remarkable, thoughtful and inspiring work that really needs to be seen. Sharing, tweeting, liking, …

Near Carteret, France, facing south west. 13-Apr-2012

Ocean’s Nine

Look at an ocean and some will see a barrier separating them from the vastness of the world. Others will gaze at a symbol of liberation, of the vastness of possibility. Some just see them as dumps. I’ve always preferred the second metaphor and thankfully, the latter wasn’t the case …