Gang of mannequins, Shanghai

Mannequin Monday #14

On Shanghai’s busy Nanjing Road.

Drummers suspended over hundreds of dancers at the 2008 Olympic Closing Ceremony in Beijing

Beijing Olympics, Revisited

A brief look back at the 2008 Olympic Closing Ceremony in Beijing.

Napping shoppers, Shanghai, 2010

Shopping Fatigue, Shanghai

Even shoppers in China apparently get tired of buying all the things they make.

Turtles at market, Nanning, China

Turtles at Market, Nanning

Turtles for sale at a market on the fringes of Nanning, China, a sprawling city of seven million many of you have never heard of. So it goes with many mid-sized Chinese cities.

Ba Gui Agricultural Research Garden, Nanning, China

Ba Gui Agricultural Research Garden, Nanning

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 193rd (!) straight, provides a brief throwback to a late 2010 visit to the Ba Gui Agricultural Research Garden in Nanning, China, quite likely one of the biggest cities you’ve never heard of*. The city of 6.6 million is the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang …

Early morning wedding photos at Beijing's Bird's Nest Stadium during the 2008 Olympic Games

Early Morning Wedding Photos, Beijing

Today’s Daily Pic is of a wedding scene I caught early on a Sunday morning while on my way to the Bird’s Nest during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Although it was all precisely choreographed by the wedding planner to the left, a good time was had by all. 17-Aug-2008

Nanning, China at night

Nanning Nightscape (Pic du Jour)

One of the biggest cities you’ve never heard of.

Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai

Big – Shanghai’s Jin Mao Tower

I just finished lamenting how un-big the backpack I’ll be living out of for the next 14 to 16 months is going to be, so it’s nice to have this antidote, courtesy of this week’s Wordress Photo Challenge. This is the 88-story tall Jin Mao Tower, one of three skyscrapers …

freshly-boiled dog at a market in Nanning

A Dog at the Market

You can now cross Boiled Dog in a Nanning Market off your list of things to see before you die. I’ve posted this pic a couple times before but it’s the first one to come to mind when Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack asked visitors to share some market pics …


Five Long Exposures Inside Shanghai’s Bund Tourist Tunnel

And a hideously tacky Tourist Tunnel it is. But it makes for some great photo opportunities during the course of its five-minute journey. Everything about the tunnel, which connects The Bund and Puxi to the Pudong Financial District beneath the Huangpu River, is so comically over the top and kitschy …