Mussolini’s Bunker Transformed Into an Art Gallery

The bunker, built under the Palazzo degli Uffici which was to serve as the site for the cancelled 1942 World’s Fair, is located in Rome’s EUR (Esposizione Universale Roma) neighborhood.

Via Artdaily:

In the 475 square meters that the underground shelter occupies there now is an exhibition of paintings and installations made by Italian artists Alfredo Rapetti, Fabiana Roscioli and Riccardo dalla Chiesa, which are part of the exhibition titled “Confrontations” organized by the city of Rome and the art gallery Ca D”Oro.

It’s an oppressive space, that contrasts with the pleasures of the arts, with large and narrow halls divided by cement pillars and separated from the exterior by a wall 20 centimeters thick and a vacuum measuring 1.25 meters between the exterior and the bunker.

More on the Galleria Ca’ d’Oro website (in Italian).

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